October 21, 2014

First Seattle Tasting

Had a great time with some cool Seattle people.  Here is a lineup of the beers.

And here is the glass usage. Mostly due to the small blind geuze tasting we did in the middle. 

August 30, 2014

Best Place To Buy Boulevard Beer is...


Just a bunch of self turds

That beer people in Kansas City and surrounding areas would have snatched up MONTHS AGO!!

But I guess they are better served by gathering dust in Seattle.

October 13, 2013

Chicago Tasting

My first tasting in Chi-town, just a few pics. 

The final lineup (minus a DorkLord and a few others)

Lots of glasses used

I roll 5 glasses at a time

April 22, 2013

Lawrence Beer Tasting

The results of a recent beer tasting

Good times.

March 2, 2013

Beer People are the Greatest Kind of People

I started drinking good beer with complete naivete about a decade ago.  Just buying and drinking, pairing with food, getting some cool glasses, really just enjoying it.   Soon after I discovered a community of other people who enjoyed more than your standard supermarket discount case of beer.  What a world opened up that was full of information and wonderful people.  The one downside was a growing insight into beers that I may never get to drink.  The list of beer that I never thought I would get a sip of kept growing but something interesting happened.  At an apex, slowly but surely the list started shrinking and I was finding myself quaffing ales I thought were surely no longer in existence.   This was due in large part to the greatest people in the world, alcoho... I mean beer lovers.  People who wanted nothing more but to share their passions and hobbies with those of like mind.  Eventually, I learned that no beer, no matter how old or rare was out of reach.  Eventually, it would come across my smiling face.  I want to underscore that it is not the beer that I am most impressed with, on the other hand the beer was often disappointing, but it is the people behind the beer.  I consider these people some of the best individuals I have ever met (you know who you are).  The point is I think I finally drank the last beer that I thought I may never get to drink, so here is a pic of me making out with a bottle of Samuel Adams Millennium.

Another generous beer lover shared this at a recent hedonistic beer orgy (Ratebeer Winter Gathering).  Thanks Brad for sharing this awesomeness.  Only about 3,000 bottles of Samuel Adams Millennium were produced and each is signed and numbered by Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams. A bottle of Samuel Adams Millennium costs about two hundred dollars when it was first released.  This particular box now also bares the signature of son of Gravedigger.

February 28, 2013

Leaving Kansas

Moving to Chicago and need to create a Kansas beer bucket list, here is a start:

1. Visit Wichita (Wichita Brewing Co, River City Brewing, and Hank is Wiser) and of course go to Goebel Liquor

2. Mo's Place in the middle of nowhere

3. Kansas' newest brewer Broadway St Brewing and hit up the Tallgrass taproom